About the company

Yurkevich Engineering Bureau LTD was founded by Yurkevich Pavel (1955-2022) on May 11, 2000.

An essential feature of the company is the team of professionals, assembled by Pavel Yurkevich, which implemented more than 100 technically complex and knowledge-intensive projects under his leadership. The majority of our employees have been working in the company for 10-15 years.

Since March 03, 2022 the company was headed by Roman Khramtsov, the successor of Pavel Yurkevich. Roman passed the way from an ordinary engineer to CEO. He has been worked in the company more than 15 years in total.

Our business is based on three main principles of sustainable growth:

COST-EFFECTIVENESS - cost optimization during the entire construction and operation period at the planning and design stage.

SAFETY - technological solutions creation to improve the safety of the construction site and leveling the negative impact on the surrounding buildings.

- continuous value creation: for our customers, employees, business partners and society as a whole.